Community Use of School Facilities


It is the policy of the Woodstock Elementary School to support the community use of facilities in ways that complement regular school activities.

Implementation . . .

  1. School activities take precedence over all other uses of the facilities.

  2. Authorization to use school facilities does not imply endorsement or approval of any group or activity.

  3. The principal shall be responsible for establishing criteria for the use of school facilities by community members. Whenever community members use school facilities pursuant to this policy they shall comply with the accompanying procedures.

Procedures . . .

  1. Pay all fees in advance of use.

  2. Ensure that two-thirds of the participants will be town residents ecxept when specific arrangements have been made.

  3. Ensure that no unauthorized third party will be granted permission to the use facility or any portion thereof without prior approval.

  4. Ensure that participants will not be restricted from participation for reasons race, religion, sex, creed, national origin, or handicapping condition.

  5. Ensure that the representative specified in the contract as responsible for school facilities is present at the scheduled event.

  6. Ensure that prior approval is received before signs, banners, and pennants are erected, and that they do not deface school property.

  7. Provide required number of chaperons for children (one adult per 20 or fewer students).

  8. Ensure that the number of attendees does not exceed the authorized capacity of the facility.

  9. Ensure that participants’ vehicles are parked only in areas designated for parking.

  10. Ensure that usage and users are restricted to assigned areas.

  11. Allow food and drink only in areas designated for eating and only after receiving written permission in advance of the event. No peanut or nut products may be used in the school facility.

  12. Guarantee that activities will be orderly and lawful and not of a nature to incite others to disorder, and demonstrate on the application that reasonable security arrangements appropriate for the use have been provided for.

  13. Prohibit smoking in buildings and on school grounds.

  14. Ensure that alcoholic beverages are not served or consumer in building or on grounds.

  15. Ensure that gambling is not permitted.
  16. Ensure that animals are not permitted inside of school buildings and that users will clean any school grounds used by animals participating in scheduled events.

  17. Observe contracted time limits.

  18. Leave the building in a neat and orderly condition.

  19. Ensure reimbursement for the costs of damages occurring during use.

  20. Agree to hold harmless and indemnify the School Board with respect to any claim of loss, injury, or damage because of negligence of the user or user’s employees or agents, including damage to School Board property or property for which the Board is liable. (An insurance policy for such coverage is recommended and may be required.)

  21. Comply with safety procedures and policies of the School Board and the town fire department.

  22. Comply with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and licensing requirements.

Fees . . .

Fees may be waived for programs serving Woodstock residents. Additional fees for custodial services will be charged for activities that require extra set-up, clean-up, or opening and closing of the building beyond typical work hours.

Gymnasium: $35
Cafeteria: $25
Library: $25