Our music program provides exposure to the fundamentals of singing, music literacy, composition, listening, analysis, movement, improvisation and performance.

All students at WES have a weekly 45 minute general music class. Each class is structured around a standards-based, sequential curriculum in order to provide consistent and ongoing opportunities for student success.

WES Band

In addition to general music class, WES offers brass, woodwind and percussion instrumental lessons to students in grades 4, 5, and 6. Participating students receive one 30 minute group instrumental lesson per week and one 30 minute Level 1 or Level 2 and 3 Band Rehearsal each week.


WES provides two performance opportunities per grade throughout each school year where students will focus on singing, dance, and instrumental performance. One of these performances is our traditional May Day celebration in late May, where students might focus on traditional songs and dances from cultures around the world, or students will focus on a special theme. Each May Day features the traditional MayPole Dance and Sword Dance.

Students at WES love music and by offering a weekly general music class, as well as instrumental lessons, band rehearsals, and two performance opportunities a year, WES provides each student many different ways in which to be involved.